Perfectly Perfect

Lately, I have been imperfect in keeping up with my blog, so much that for the first time, I missed being able to blog on one of the kids birthdays. However, it was not due to a lack of trying, but I had to reset up my blog. One of the great things, however, about adoption is that it offers countless days to celebrate.

Knowing I would miss Sunday, I decided to hold off until today, because on this day six years ago we brought home our little angel. I often tell people about how funny it was to drop Nolin off at school knowing that Grace would be coming home with us that afternoon, and he had no idea that he would become a big brother that evening.

The moment Grace came home, our family was complete.

Grace you are the sunshine in my day and the happiness in my smile. You are also the gray in my beard, but I know that I absolutely love being your father. You are perfectly perfect, and I hope that this year is the best year yet. Love you every day!



Grace – Year Six from Our Modern Family on Vimeo.

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