Halloween 8: The New Neighborhood

Life has been hectic as I am still recovering from the hangover that is a new house. There is not a lot of time for other activities when you look at a house two days before your vacation, buy a house while on vacation, and then have to get your house ready to sell the minute you get home. Luckily for us, it all worked out pretty painlessly.

There was, however, supposed to be a lot more purging (not like the horror movie), but instead, it has been more like finding a place, and at some point realizing/hoping that we will get everything organized.

We absolutely love the new house, and it has turned out to be perfect for our family. However, as Halloween was approaching, I realized that we had some traditions as a family that I feared may get lost like many things seem to have done in the move.

We got off to a new start with Trunk-or-Treat at Nolin’s new school. I really was not sure what to expect. We didn’t quite get home from work and organized in enough time to actually set up and hand out candy, but we were still able to go and have a good time.

Right as we arrived, Nolin found a friend of his from school and they quickly multiplied and were inseparable. Grace found some of our neighbors, and they were inseparable. This meant that Jenn and I were separable as we each took a kid and enjoyed the festivities. The school did such a great job with a DJ, photo booth, and some amazing decorated cars. The kids didn’t want to leave, and we ended up having a wonderful family evening.

Then it came time for Halloween and trick-or-treating. Our old neighborhood went all out for the night, with hundreds of kids running up and down the street and exploring haunted houses. I didn’t think there was any way our new neighborhood could compete. And it didn’t, but it did something completely different…it offered a relaxed and enjoyable evening where basically all the neighbors got together and walked from house to house trading off candy.

For Jenn and I, it became a great way to get to know all of our neighbors, as we all talked and watched the kids excitedly run from house to house.

The kids formed their own Halloween gang, and when it was over Jenn and I realized that although some of our traditions may be different, we are settling into an exciting new chapter for our family. This feels like home. Now we just need to get Grammy & Pap-Pap a little closer.

And I know, this blog is about three weeks late for Halloween, but I don’t feel too bad because Jenn & I are still working on finishing the candy the kids collected…they lost interest a few weeks ago, and my waistline is paying the price.

But now for one tradition that still remains…this year’s Halloween video!

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