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Alt. Viewpoint – The Great Outdoors (Pt. 3)

It is funny how differently two people can experience the same trip. Where it took me 2 months, 3 posts (The Great Outdoors, The Legend of The Kayak, and the Great Outdoors (Pt.2)), and 3,174 words to tell the story of our camping adventure, it took Nolin 16 sentences and awesome hand drawn illustrations to relive the same experience.

Not only was it flattering to know that of all the things he could have written his story about, this family trip obviously meant a lot to him too. This was a school project in which they created and wrote a story and drew all the pictures themselves. Whenever they finished they were able to present their published book to the class and then to their parents. Continue reading “Alt. Viewpoint – The Great Outdoors (Pt. 3)”

The Great Outdoors (pt. 1)

In a nod to the great John Candy (circa 1988), we will back track a bit to hopefully get back up to date. Our adventure to the great outdoors actually starts back on the evening of May 1, 2015 when Jenn happened to notice that a camping site opened up in Bahia Honda state park in the Florida Keys.

We had never taken the kids for 3 nights of camping, but the dates were in January which meant that at least it shouldn’t be in the upper 70’s to lower 80’s in the evening (which ended up being the temperature when we did our trial one night camping run in September).

Let’s do it….worst case scenario we leave a day early. Continue reading “The Great Outdoors (pt. 1)”

Salt Life

2015-09-21_01-33-25Although we live in Florida, we probably don’t go to the beach as much as we should…especially since our kids love it. But over the past few weeks, we had two great beach weekends.

The first was a weekend at Cape Canaveral the second was a weekend in Saint Pete Beach. The two trips were a bit different.

Continue reading “Salt Life”


At the beginning of last week, I received an email from Jenn “Want this for your birthday?” with a link to an 8 person tent.

The funny thing is my birthday is still several weeks away, and not that we ever do anything big for our birthdays, but a tent was not really what had been running through my mind when I went to bed at night.

This meant one thing, we were finally making good on a promise that we had made Nolin and Grace, that one day we would go camping and it would be fun. When really the only thing that we should have been promising is that one day we would go camping and in my mind that one day was still like three to four years away. Continue reading “#HappyCampers”

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