Alt. Viewpoint – The Great Outdoors (Pt. 3)

It is funny how differently two people can experience the same trip. Where it took me 2 months, 3 posts (The Great Outdoors, The Legend of The Kayak, and the Great Outdoors (Pt.2)), and 3,174 words to tell the story of our camping adventure, it took Nolin 16 sentences and awesome hand drawn illustrations to relive the same experience.

Not only was it flattering to know that of all the things he could have written his story about, this family trip obviously meant a lot to him too. This was a school project in which they created and wrote a story and drew all the pictures themselves. Whenever they finished they were able to present their published book to the class and then to their parents.

So now, here is our three-day camping trip summed up much better than I could ever do.


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