A Nursery Game Update

Shortly after writing A Lesson in Nursery Games & Development, Jenn shared a small tidbit of information with me, that I figured should be shared to complete the story.

It seems that Nolin did a little last minute test cramming before the doctor’s appointment.  Jenn’s father Don, was over hanging out with Nolin in the morning and cut up a couple pieces of string to see if Nolin could pass the test.  Don apologized because they were only able to get 10 practice runs in before he had to quit.

Turns out that Nolin can chase a string like a cat and pick it up with his forefinger and thumb.  Well at least seven out of ten times…so the real question is did they consider 70% a yes or just a sometimes.

Either way I guess it would be…chases a piece of string like a cat…check.

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