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Grace at Six Months

PicsPlay_1366132223506It is hard to believe it has already been six months since we brought Grace home from the hospital.

Due to scheduling we couldn’t get Grace in for her six month appointment until the 9th of April, but this time I had a chance to take her. It was funny because Nolin at this age was not a fan of the doctor’s office. To be fair it may have been because of his traumatic first experience, but Grace was calm cool and collected like always. That is until the shots came… Continue reading “Grace at Six Months”

Catching Up

IMG_20130126_170739So I feel terrible…I have fallen behind on the blog with only 1 post so far this year (a fact my sister recently pointed out). I have started a few stories, but have not gotten back around to finishing them or adding pictures. Who knows maybe soon there will be a rash of outdated stories that hopefully make you laugh.

I am already pretty sure that 2013 will go down as a major shift for our family. Hopefully good and not bad, but trying to keep it all on track has led to my lack of time.

In one sense, not much has happened as far blog types of stories. But that statement grossly trivializes all of the things that have happened for our family. Continue reading “Catching Up”

Bye Bye Baby!

I felt a little guilty leaving on this work trip. Not because I was once again off to Sin City where my $20 video poker budget is notorious. No, I felt guilty because I was leaving Jenn on day 3 with no pacifier.

It all started on Monday during Nolin’s first dentist appointment. Although we had been talking about pulling the pacifier for a while, we had not really mustered up the courage to it. Teresa informed us that she was not coming back to babysit a boy with a pacifier, so she laid the ground work during her first three days back with three successful naps sans pacifier.

When Jenn was talking to the dentist about the pacifier, she very nicely said you know it’s for you and not him right?

I would have said, you know you’re not the one that has to sit downstairs listening to him ask for it before he falls asleep are you? Continue reading “Bye Bye Baby!”

Chapter 5: 550 Days of Happiness

Nolin and Benson

18 months…550 Days?! I can’t even grasp where the time has gone?

I figured with how quickly Nolin is growing up, it was a good time to start a new chapter in our story because I have a feeling (or a slight warning from his pediatrician) that things are just getting ready to become interesting.

Continue reading “Chapter 5: 550 Days of Happiness”

Mmmmm…I’ll Take The Food Du Jour Please!

Nolin continues to grow and food continues to be one of his most favorite things.  I am not sure which is more interesting, the foods that Nolin is attracted to, or the concoctions that Jenn is coming up with.

Fruit and vegetables seem to be the go to staple.  We are getting nervous because we are slowly running out of our 22 lb. blueberry reserve.  I am afraid to imagine how Nolin will react to a day without endless blueberries. It could play out like a scene from 28 Days Later. Continue reading “Mmmmm…I’ll Take The Food Du Jour Please!”

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