Eleven Down One To Go

Hard to believe that today Nolin is eleven months old! There are only four more weeks until the big day.

It seems that Nolin is doing so many new things these days that it is hard to  keep up, but at the same time they kind of blend together so that you feel like he has been doing them forever.

I was looking at some of the milestones for 11-month olds according to Sixty Second Parent, and most of these are old standard tricks of Nolin’s so I have to wonder what is next.  They say that at eleven months your baby may:

  • Show an interest in turning pages in books – He loves books, he will turn the pages and once you are finished reading the book to him, he will hand it to you again. I am always eager to find out how Baby 123 will end…spoiler alert it ends at 10.
  • Love to swing doors back and forth – This started back in February.  Nolin will close the door a little bit to hide behind, then open it back up look at you and think it is the funnier than a Today show interview with Charlie Sheen.
  • Copies actions as well as sounds – Jenn gets very excited when she sees Nolin and will let out an excited scream to which Nolin will reply with a scream twice as long, twice as loud and twice as high pitched.  We definitely need to stop this before we leave next week for our guys trip. Nolin’s happy squeal may get me a lot of unhappy looks on the plane.
  • Initiates social interactions – I feel like Nolin has been doing this almost since day one.  He is known now for the E.T. phone home point.  If he wants your attention or a strangers attention, he sticks out his pointer finger and smiles.  It gets them every time.
Last night we had one major milestone and we will wait to see how quickly it becomes habit. Nolin took his first steps!

To be fair they were kind of fake first steps, but they were still two steps and then he decided this walking stuff is for the birds, sat down and started to crawl.  He was standing up and looking at his book as I read it while he held onto my knee with two fingers.  I then slowly moved my knee and he stood there for a few seconds with a big smile on his face and started walking towards the book.

At that exact moment I think we all kind of gasped (especially Jenn, she let our her loud scream, thankfully Nolin didn’t respond), Nolin looked around in shock and realized…I can’t give them all the good stuff right at once, so after two steps he sat down moved over to my other knee and quickly grabbed his book.  We tried again, but he caught on to our Jedi mind tricks.  He looked at me and laughed and in his own way kind of said you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for the good stuff big guy.

What he doesn’t know is that while I am excited for him to start walking, I don’t mind him staying little for just a while longer.  Besides the obvious falls, tears & bruises that will come with his first steps and the inescapable aerobic exercise that will occur from chasing him around, I really enjoy him being this age.  I know that with each of these milestones, he gets one step closer to becoming independent and no longer thinking I am the coolest.

With eleven months down and one to go, there are only four weeks or 720 hours (but who’s counting?) to go before Nolin is no longer a baby. I’m looking forward to enjoying each minute.

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