Shine On You Crazy Diamond

These days it seems like life is super busy, so I can’t always keep up with stories as they happen.  Such is the case with Nolin’s first shiner.

I am sure that there will be several more bumps and bruises along the way, especially as we are getting closer to the days of walking.  This black eye though was different, and I think may have set the tone for our future.

It was five days ago when we were sitting over at Don & Teresa’s house after dinner.  Don and I were sitting in the living room, playing with Nolin when Don innocently said, “It’s funny that we were ever concerned about Nolin around this coffee table, he crawls all around it like it’s nothing“.  Murphy’s law should tell you what happened shortly after.

Nolin was standing up beside the table with one hand on the edge looking back towards the kitchen and laughing (for attention of course), and then attempted to perform the Triple Lindy of baby moves.  He took his hand off the table at the same time as he was turning back towards it and trying to sit on the ground.  The scene played out like this…balance lost, head goes forward and eye hits the table…parents (and grandparents) wince and gasp in preparation for what’s next.  There was a very brief silence and then the shrieking began.

I picked Nolin up, held his head and kissed his eye telling him it would be alright and that is when it happened…a parent’s worst nightmare.  No we didn’t realize that we were going to have to rush him to the hospital or even get any blood…it was much worse!  As I am holding Nolin, he turned his head, looks at Jenn and puts his arms out for her.  Stab me in the heart.  To make matters worse, he stopped crying within about 10 seconds.

After Jenn instantly calmed Nolin down, we went to get ice for his eye.  He was more interested in eating it rather than allowing it to help keep the bruising down.  Finally we were able to put the ice on his eye for a few minutes, but the shiner was pretty instantaneous.

Now obviously I am only joking about this event being every parent’s worst nightmare (well mostly joking at least).  In fact it probably really wouldn’t have been much of a story had Nolin not chosen his mother over me, but Nolin, I hope that there are a few lessons that you learn from this experience.

First off there will be a lot of bumps and bruises along your journey, but always pick yourself up and realize that there are people there to help you back up. Second, learn from your bumps and bruises and try not to repeat the same action again because it typically doesn’t hurt any less the second time.  With this black eye you only cried for about 30 seconds, so for the third lesson, always try to walk away with a smile.  Finally realize that by choosing your mother over me, you have made her the one that you will also have to seek out for the uncomfortable talks (Jenn I hope you do better than your talk with Axelle about dating while trying to relate it to Beverly Hills 90210).

One shiner down, and I am sure many more to come.  Nolin, you are going to keep us on our toes, but everyday it is exciting to see you develop more and more into your own personality so like the Pink Floyd song saysShine On You Crazy Diamond!

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