The 5th Stamp

Today Nolin left for his next adventure and the 5th stamp on his passport…Freeport Bahamas.

I am leaving for Baltimore on a work trip next week, so Jenn decided that they would meet our friends Lee & Kelly in the Bahamas. To make the trip even more fun for Nolin, they took a ferry boat.

This meant a 3:30am departure time in order to make the 4 hour drive to the port.

We had everything pretty well coordinated. Jenn jumped in the shower at 3:20. I went downstairs and started a pot of coffee to help her stay awake on the drive. She came downstairs started organizing everything and I iced down the cooler with Nolin’s milk.

Then for the tricky part…moving Nolin from bed to the car. Hopefully still sleeping.

We have learned from past early morning excursions, so Jenn pulled the car out of the garage, put her seat belt on (to stop the annoying bell that will easily wake a sleeping toddler and drive a tired husband crazy), arranged the belts in the car seat for easy access, and then I turned off the lights in the house as I went upstairs to retrieve the power package.

Nolin stirred a little, but quickly fell back asleep on my shoulder as we made our way downstairs. As soon as we entered the garage, I realized we had forgotten one critical piece. The headlights. It was like walking into broad daylight.

Nolin lifted his head slightly and saw Toonces who had come into the garage to escape the rain.

Goodbye Toonces he exclaimed as we walked out.

It seems that despite our efforts he was now awake, but no worries because he would fall asleep as soon as the car took off…right? I put him in his car seat and he excitedly asked Are we going to the Plane?.

Jenn and I laughed and then thought, well this is a problem. Apparently Nolin now knows that an early morning car ride means a trip somewhere. I informed Nolin that he was actually on his way to take a boat ride to the Bahamas. He followed up with Ok…well I like planes.

And then they started their journey and (thankfully) I went back to bed.

Jenn and Nolin made it safely to the port, despite an awful storm. Apparently Nolin didn’t follow my advice and close his eyes because he sang the entire way to West Palm Beach and although it wasn’t a plane, he seemed to love his boat ride.

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