On My Way

Change in plans. Due to some last-minute scheduling conflicts, I had to change my flight home. I am now leaving tonight instead of tomorrow and making a real trip out of it.

This change in my schedule, now allows me to fly to Fort Lauderdale and meet Jenn when she arrives at the ferry port and drive home with both she and Nolin. This way she wont have to make the middle of the night trip solo.

It is still a little bizarre that I will actually land in Orlando and then hop on another flight to Fort Lauderdale only to turn around and drive back to Orlando, maybe not the most carbon footprint friendly travel arrangement, but it was a surprise to Jenn and will be great to see them.

My view was slightly different.

It has been very weird because I have been unable to speak with them over the last week. Our only form of communication has been a few text messages to Kelly’s phone. Mostly just to make sure that Jenn understood that I changed my flight. I wouldn’t want to end up stuck at FLL while she drove home…that would be a terrible surprise.

So I am currently sitting in the airport awaiting my 9 hour adventure home and looking forward to hearing all about Jenn & Nolin’s adventures in the Bahamas.

Nolin & Jenn on the dolphin adventure in the Bahamas
Took a quick work break to go to the Baltimore Orioles game
So close, yet so far from home

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