Greetings From Pennsylvania

Our whirlwind driving tour was temporarily postponed due to scheduling conflicts, so instead, Jenn & Nolin headed up to Pennsylvania for a few days giving me some time to work on the house…I think they won.

Apparently Nolin is loving this trip. For several reasons I am sure. First they live on 5 acres so he can just run everywhere. Second he always enjoy Pap Pap and Grammy, but now he also gets to see Uncle Rich and his cousins. Third they went to Knoebels Amusement Park which had a ton of rides and trains for Nolin. Oh yeah, it may have something to do with Pap Pap’s garden specifically his blue berry bushes.

On Nolin’s first full day in Pennsylvania I was on the phone with Jenn, when her dad started calling through on the other line. This was kind of strange, but I hung up with Jenn and picked up the phone. Turns out they were in the front yard, and Don was trying to get Nolin to say “hi” to me.

All I could here was a 2 year old boy screaming “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You“. I could instantly imagine the scene. Nolin running in between all the blue berry bushes, shouting Thank You as he realized that he had just discovered the mother load. I think he has already put on at least 5 pounds in blue berries alone.

Watch Out For The Blue Berry Bandit!

On the way home from Knoebels Amusement Park, Nolin fell asleep in the car and easily went down in his pack-n-play when they got home. It was around midnight when Jenn and her family were sitting in the living room talking that Nolin came racing around the corner with two huge handfulls of blue berries. Busted! He had climbed out of the pack-n-play, gone into the kitchen, gotten up on a chair and had been eating blue berries off the counter top…this kid is addicted.

This was also Nolin’s first real year of experiencing fire works. Last year we were in Europe over the 4th, and they don’t really celebrate our Independence Day quite the same.

Holding On For Dear Life During The Fireworks

Jenn told me that Nolin was walking around when the first fire work exploded. He immediately dropped to the ground and ducked for cover like he was being shot at. She said it took about 5-10 minutes of him frozen to the ground before he gained the courage to climb up into Pap Pap’s arms and enjoyed the rest of the show.


It sounds like they are having a good time, but I guess for now, I will just have to keep on working on the house which will now include emptying out the freezer to make room for the 25+ pounds of blue berries I am sure will be making the trip back with them.

Scenes from Knoebels: 

He May Not Be 16, But Nolin Enjoys Life In The Fast Lane
Hey Uncle Rich, You’re Taking Up All The Leg Room!
Excuse Me Anyone Sitting Here?
That Train Is Awesome!
Hanging Out On The Merry-Go-Round With Uncle Rich

Scenes From The Garden:

Nothing Beats Fresh Blue Berries
Except Maybe Fresh Zucchini

Scenes From The 4th of July:

Apparently Nolin Spent Hours Just Watching This Train
Hanging Out In Uncle Rich’s Backyard

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  1. LOV the photos and the blog as usual – always makes me smile- as I hav said so many times before, Nolin is the luckiest kid in the world!!! You guys are the greatest! Let me kno if you get him here in va. Bch so I can see him (and u two also)!

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