Still Crazy After All These Years

Seven years ago today, DuBois, Pennsylvania experienced the wedding of Patricia and Jenn. Yes I was just as surprised as everyone else to find out that Jenn had met the woman of her dreams on our wedding day.

Luckily, Patricia turned out to be me and our priest’s mix up simply turned out to be the introduction to our story.

It has been seven amazing years and I don’t even know where to begin in telling our story.  Although we wont be celebrating our anniversary together this year, I can hear Jenn’s words clearly “Keep it short, nobody wants to read all that…”

So I did my best to wrap up seven years in exactly 4 minutes. I missed a lot, and although my waist line has fluctuated nearly as much as my facial hair over the years, one thing hasn’t changed and that is that I am still in love with Jenn just as much as I was the day we got married.

Jenn, thank you for making me smile everyday for seven amazing years and here is my best attempt at a love letter…

PS – As I was cleaning the house, I found our honeymoon video and laughed…

2 Thoughts

  1. This was a wonderful love letter. You two have had an amazing 7 years.
    We all love you. Paddy, Jenn and Nolin,


  2. Patrick and Jenn: what an incredible video/love letter. You two are so awesome and now you “3” are so awesome. Happy anniversary! May the love, happiness and wondrous moments be with you every day!
    Linda Lilley

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