This is Awesome

It looks like Halloween 2013 was a success. Well, this was technically not Grace’s first Halloween, she pretty much slept through the entire thing last year. For Nolin, he has been looking forward to this night since last year.

To battle the Halloween creatures of the night this year, we had Bat Girl (compliments of Aunt ELO) and Tiny Pteranodon (Compliments of Amazon).

DSC_0461While we live closer to Jenn’s parents now, we still headed over there since that is where all the Trick-or-Treat Action takes place. We ate dinner, and I got the trunk decorated (which was apparently a hit on the block) while Jenn got the kids in their costumes.


DSC_0479Don & I took Nolin & Grace over to our old street to say hello to our neighbors, which turned into a nice reunion with all the kids playing outside. Nolin did throw my favorite tantrum of all time (and yes I am including it so I don’t forget it when you are older).

As our former neighbor’s brother arrived with his daughter who is Nolin’s age they began to put together her Princess outfit. All of the sudden Nolin decided he wanted to be a princess. He stomped off shouting “I just want to be a princess!” until he sat down on the sidewalk in front of our old house.

DSC_0484I tried to calm the situation down by telling him he loved his Tiny costume. Of course, everyone thought this was hilarious. Nolin did quickly settle down as soon as we walked across the street to say hello to Toonces (our former stray cat) and then began Trick-or-Treating.

Grace took it all in, but she wasn’t so sure about walking up to the houses on her own, so she would typically stay in someone’s arms while Nolin carried her pumpkin bucket and then would wave hello when they opened the door.

DSC_0481By the time we made our way back to Don & Teresa’s to pick up Jenn it was getting dark, which meant that the Haunted House was in full effect. Nolin was enthralled immediately, Grace was just interested in checking it out. We hit a few more houses and then met up with Jenn & Teresa.

Nolin looked up to me and said Thanks Dad…this is awesome!

We eventually made it back to the haunted house and chose the not as scary version. It was a success. But we may have to wait until next year before Nolin will walk up to the house with the scary music and voices. He informed me that I can go there when I am older, but I’m not old enough yet.


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