Having A Ball

IMG_4052One nice thing about living where we are now…it can be much easier to maintain friendships and relationships beyond Facebook since a lot of people seem to make their way close by at one point or another.

It is October which meant that the Balls were making their annual trip. This is always a great excuse to get away and go the beach to hang out with friends. I left work a little early and we made our way.

20131025_184035We arrived and Nolin and Nora picked up like they see each other every day. They definitely had more interest in each other than they did last year and were instant friends. Nora was also very interested in Grace too, so it made it very easy.

We dropped off our bags and immediately made our way to watch the sun set on the beach. It was a perfect night. The original goal was just to play in the sand and enjoy the evening breeze, but as boys will be boys, Nolin quickly found his way to the ocean.

IMG_3999As we brought half the beach back with us, we got cleaned up and enjoyed a low key pizza evening. Grace fell asleep, but Nolin & Nora just ran around chasing each other and playing. One would lead and the other would follow then it would switch.

Breaking them apart to put bed seemed to be agonizing to both, but since they were both exhausted from a long day, they fell asleep pretty quickly. And then we did what we do best…stayed up way too late catching up.

IMG_4018The next day after breakfast we went back to the beach again. This time with full intent to make the most of the ocean. Jenn didn’t have a chance to run in the morning, so she suggested that she would walk Grace down the beach to help her take a nap. A little later the three of us looked down the beach to see Jenn in completely different clothes running up and down the beach pushing a stroller

Do you run that much? They asked…my answer was pretty easy…not at all.

IMG_4063Now that Grace was asleep the kids built sand castles and played at the foot of the ocean. We may or may not have told them that there was a shark a few feet out in the ocean that would get them if they went in past their knees…just a slight exaggeration.

Eventually Nolin decided to chase the birds and took my hand as we quietly walked into the middle of about 30 birds and sat down. Shhhhh Daddy, we are in bird land…isn’t it awesome?! With a slight laugh I agreed totally.

20131026_124357We packed up our things, got cleaned up and got the kids into their Halloween costumes. Just down the road, they were having a festival with a Halloween costume contest. We got the kids entered, and then proceeded to trick-or-treat, from store to store.

This proved to be a little challenging with two strollers, three kids, and a ton of people. After a few stops we made our way to the pirate ship which seemed to hold the kids interest a little more.


It was finally time for the Halloween Costume contest. the first group up were the 1-2 year olds. 20131026_150352There were about 6 kids entered, and Grace won! We weren’t sure what that meant until they handed her a Radio Flyer tricycle…what?! Thanks Aunt ELO for the costume…score.

Next up was 3-6 year olds. Nora and Nolin both got up along with about 30 other kids. They didn’t win, but it didn’t matter at all to them, they were holding hands and having fun together.

Eventually it was time to make the trip back home and say goodbye. It is always fun getting together with friends and we definitely had a Ball!

20131025_18422020131026_154636 20131026_154832 20131026_124405IMG_4070IMG_3974 IMG_4059IMG_406720131025_182807

One thought

  1. It was great to see all of you and we had a wonderful time! We hope to see you all up north soon. Love the pictures and as always, love the blog!!

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