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The 10 Christmas Lessons

20151224_222021We did not head up North this year for Christmas, so it was a bit different wearing shorts and short sleeves (not that it was much cooler up North…thanks El Nino)!

This year would bring on a whole new set of lessons (aka challenges) as Santa would be visiting our house this year instead of traveling with us…not to mention both of the kids are into the Christmas magic now. Continue reading “The 10 Christmas Lessons”

The Holiday Wrap Up (pt. 1)

2015-01-07 04.49.15 1
12 hours up, 15 and a half hours back. Two kids very tolerant of Christmas car rides. 3 cold rainy days with much to be desired behavior and 3 days of great weather and the picture perfect family. A nice time with family, getting a chance to see how much my niece has grown and an awesome Christmas. Finishing up with a much unexpected New Years Eve celebration.

That was for Jenn, who says my stories are “very detailed”, so I wrapped up the holidays in 64¬†words. Now for my version… Continue reading “The Holiday Wrap Up (pt. 1)”

Christmas Wrap Up (pt. 2): Dear Santa

DSC_0955So kind of like our Christmas holiday, these posts are dragging out. It is the middle of Jan., and I am only now finding the time to catch up. The only thing taking longer is our Thank You cards…written, addressed, and unstamped.

Christmas Eve started like most other Christmas Eve’s…everyone running errands, getting ready for the “Big Man’s” arrival, and for our annual Christmas Eve Party. This year though it was a little different. My mom literally slept all day and night since we were so kind to give her the funk, Santa had reduced his route this year and the party was scaled back so that Christmas morning would be about the kids instead of how much fun we could have the night before. Is this what happens when you get old? Continue reading “Christmas Wrap Up (pt. 2): Dear Santa”

Waiting on Santa

IMG_20131215_182417I can’t believe that the year is almost over and that Christmas is almost here. I think I say this each year, but I am pretty sure that this Christmas will be the most fun yet.

Nolin is super excited about Santa this year and Grace, she is pretty much interested in anything that Nolin is interested in. This year we have really been playing it up and it has made the experience even better. Continue reading “Waiting on Santa”

So This Is Christmas

DSC_0131 Christmas 2012 was a nice ending to a great year.

It started off with a technological first. We all know that Santa is a very busy man on Christmas Eve, but for the past 51 years, he has been able to spend a little extra time with families in Virginia Beach. My parent’s Christmas party is always a final stop before he begins making his rounds.

Since we wouldn’t be there this year to see Santa, he ditched his fear of technology and set up a Skype call with Nolin and Grace. Nolin was floored. He never noticed that the picture of Santa froze (although the sound was still there), and after the call was over he kept asking if we could call Santa again.

I have to admit at 2.5 years old, it must be pretty cool to have a direct line to the big man. Continue reading “So This Is Christmas”

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