Four Weekends and a Birthday (pt.2)

GarageSale2The time was quickly approaching. We were about to find out if all of Jenn’s hard work would pay off.

Weekend 3:

GarageSaleFor the past two weeks Jenn had been pulling apart our house and organizing everything all in preparation for our Community Garage Sale. This was an opportunity to declutter our house (and Grammy & Pap-Paps since stuff we can’t fit here ends up there…see mom & dad it doesn’t just happen to you all) and Jenn to start earning her keep (just kidding of course).

I have to admit I thought she was crazy spending nights over at her parents “organizing” till 11pm after the kids went to sleep every night, but when I stopped to drop something off Friday morning on my way to work I was seriously impressed with how great it looked.

I took a couple of pictures before everything was set out and then when I got to work I posted them on Craigslist and just announced the garage sale. Jenn called me about 45 minutes later saying someone saw the listing, came by and bought like $40 worth of baby clothes. Woah?!

moneyFriday was successful for Jenn and she wheeled and dealed. Saturday was my day because Jenn had conveniently scheduled a play date with the kids. I sat patiently, moved things around, I even did the running man in the driveway to try to get customers, but my day was about half as successful as Jenn’s. Although everyone commented on how organized everything was.

Well after we sold a ton of stuff, made twice as much as I thought we would, and Grace decided if we were selling her stuff she was keeping the money, we still had a ton of stuff left. We packed it up and will try again in the spring.

Train1To celebrate a successful garage sale weekend, we spent Sunday at a local church’s Fall Festival. We met our friends there, and had a great time. A few years ago I took Nolin on the kid’s roller coaster at Seaworld because he loves watching roller coasters…needless to say since then he says he only wants to ride roller coasters that are flat (aka trains).

But with some encouragement from his buddy Bennet, he rode the kids roller coaster at the fair and even put his hands up in the air. Lunch was a healthy balance of hotdogs and popcorn. Needless to say the kids loved the fair and it was a great way to end the weekend.




The Birthday:

Clifford2Thirty Six years ago on October 22, my life was changed forever. I have now known Jenn for about 1/3 of her life and very thankful for our chance encounter years ago in Northern Virginia. So what is the best way to celebrate a 36th birthday? Limo ride and expensive dinner downtown? A weekend getaway? A huge surprise birthday party with childhood friends?

How about the book fair and pizza party at your child’s school?! On my way home from work I stopped at our local meat market picked up some delicious meatloaf and deserts for an adult dinner and we then we headed up to Nolin’s school.

DragonThe kids got to run around and play with all the other kids, eat pizza and we were able to pick up Nolin’s favorite book Dragon’s Love Tacos which would allow him to wear his dragon costume the following day at his school’s costume parade.

All Jenn wanted for her birthday was to get one night where she was not responsible for the bedtime routine. So when we got home, I took Grace immediately to her room and began brushing teeth and reading books. I got her down (which is a feat because no matter how cool I am, she always wants Jenn to put her to sleep), put the meatloaf in the oven and then took over reading books for Jenn with Nolin.

Clifford3Nolin was almost asleep when the door opened. Pap-Pap who had been working four hours away and had been up for about 24 hours drove back to surprise the kids and see Jenn for her birthday.

Well now I was no longer the one that Nolin wanted to put him to bed, and since Grace was now up, she didn’t want me to put her back to sleep either. Grace went down easy, but about twenty minutes later we heard banging from Nolin’s room. I went back to check what was going on.

Clifford1Pap-Pap was snoring while Nolin was jumping up on and down on the bed. I laughed, told Nolin he had to lay down in bed and close his eyes or Pap-Pap wasn’t going to be able to sleep with him anymore (who was I kidding, Pap-Pap wasn’t going anywhere) and he eagerly complied.

A few minutes later Nolin was asleep and shortly after that Pap-Pap awoke and joined Jenn and I for dinner. He sort of poked at the meatloaf as if it was dog food, and said I don’t know what this is, but who am I to complain. Happy Birthday Jenn!


Weekend 4:

20141024_17450020141024_183536Every year in October our good friends the Balls come down to Florida and spend a week and we typically drive down to spend a night or two with them. This year I was playing Saturday night, so we left Friday afternoon and spent Friday night with them.

We went to a restaurant on the beach for dinner and the kids loved it. It was a great distraction. They could eat dinner and then just run around on the beach while we ate dinner. It was a perfect night and awesome sunset.Bed

We headed back to their place and put Grace to bed, and Nolin and Nora stayed up late hanging out and watching shows together. Finally Nolin fell asleep and Nora followed shortly after.

20141024_183758At 5am Grace woke up and wanted to party. Jenn got up with her, but as she got louder we needed to leave so she didn’t wake everyone up. Grace and I spent the next two and a half hours walking around the beach, listening to the waves, watching the stars and riding up and down elevators. She never did fall back asleep, but it was actually some nice quite time with her.

poolWe spent the morning at the beach and then the pool before we had to pack up our things and drive back home. As always it was great to see our friends, and as we drove home I quickly realized how tired getting up at 5am can make you especially when you know that you are going back so that you can play and sing till 10pm (for old people that is the equivalent to going to the clubs till 2am).

And now here we are all caught up…getting ready for Halloween this evening and I can’t wait!!!


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