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3,391: Colonial George and more

So what do you do after driving 763 miles and attending your younger sister’s wedding? You head to a neighboring city to visit a friend who a few months earlier lived less than a mile from you.

Wednesday we made an afternoon trip to Colonial Williamsburg to meet up with our good friend George, who left us a few months earlier for bigger and better and has jumped in feet first to Virginia living. Continue reading “3,391: Colonial George and more”

Salt Life

2015-09-21_01-33-25Although we live in Florida, we probably don’t go to the beach as much as we should…especially since our kids love it. But over the past few weeks, we had two great beach weekends.

The first was a weekend at Cape Canaveral the second was a weekend in Saint Pete Beach. The two trips were a bit different.

Continue reading “Salt Life”

Two Week Notice (pt.2)

2015-08-13 09.35.08 1It was on to the second leg of our Summer Vacation tour as we packed up the car and kids and started the 9 hour drive to Ba & Pop’s house. It’s funny, I never thought there would be a time where a 9 hour car ride seemed like a short trip…especially with 2 kids.

This was the portion of the trip that had been making me fairly nervous for several months. While we were in town I would be attending my 20th High School Reunion (not sure there is any way around it…I am officially old) and a three-hour reunion show with my college band. All while trying to balance spending as much time with my family before we would be separated for three weeks. Continue reading “Two Week Notice (pt.2)”

Four Weekends and a Birthday (pt.2)

GarageSale2The time was quickly approaching. We were about to find out if all of Jenn’s hard work would pay off. Continue reading “Four Weekends and a Birthday (pt.2)”

Four Weekends and A Birthday (Pt.1)

Beach4So I have never seen the movie Four Weddings and A Funeral, and I can honestly say that none of these events were as life changing as any one of those events, but I am hoping that this format can bring us up to speed on our recent family adventures. Continue reading “Four Weekends and A Birthday (Pt.1)”

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