Book Two: Introducing Ms. Grace Fion O’Brien

Surprise…things just got interesting!

Every good story needs a sequel, a book two if you will. One filled with new characters, plot twists and lots of drama and I am beyond excited to announce that today Nolin, Jenn & I are happy to welcome baby Grace into our home.

It is safe to say, that she stole our hearts the second we met her and we couldn’t be happier. My dad informed me that it was easier to raise 10 boys then 1 girl. I am not sure if that is just a commentary on Aunt ELO, but something tells me the fun is just getting started.

With that…

Welcome to Book Two!

6 Thoughts

  1. Can we tell now? Hope she sleeps some tonight, Bet you do too. Would love to skype or call but know everyone is very busy right now. We love the picture ofbig brother rubbing Grace’s head

  2. When are you bringing her to Virginia Beach? Or maybe we can see her down in Florida. So excited for you all!

    Lots of love,
    Dorothy and Hardin

  3. Dear Paddy & Jen – its just amazing what a gorgeous family you have. You must be incredible parents. I’m so disappointed I haven’t met either of your gorgeous children yet. Please lets try to coordinate a visit! Miss you loads & congratulations again!

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