3,391: The Wedding

13723889_10154016786922758_7099318992030860676_oI am a firm believer in destiny and that if you allow it, every adventure will lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be. Such was the case in the journey to starting our family and such was the case with my sister whose journey was now leading up to beginning a life married to a great guy.

On the other hand in order to allow our path to intersect with my sister’s, it meant that our current destiny would include a 13+ hour car ride with two kids.

Again, you don’t question they why, you just enjoy the where.

UntitledSo after a few hours of sleep, we all piled into the car that thankfully Jenn had packed while I was out of town. I still had no idea what clothes I would have during this vacation.

Jenn & I did achieve a Pinnacle Parenting Success…no technology for the entire trip, just music (a lot of Cake By The Ocean and I mean a lot of Cake By The Ocean), coloring supplies and fun worksheets. Our success would obviously not last for the whole trip, but it was a great start.

13735780_10154016435717758_802697859880564963_oAunt ELO basically organized and planned her entire wedding to be a “seemingly” low key affair with an amazing Barn backdrop and unique food trucks and a beer truck. The only issue with having a wedding at an nontraditional spot, is that Friday morning Grace, Erin and I were moving hay bales and cleaning up.

This was my first exposure to all of her efforts, and I have to say I was impressed. It had a very hipster magazine type of feel and you could tell that the whole affair would be very detailed without ever seeming over the top.

The big day had arrived. We all got ready and made our way to the barn. Erin & Wayne would be taking all the pictures before the wedding, so that it could truly be a party once it started. It made it nice to have that finished and over with, then we could settle in and get a drink before everything started.

20160625_164342 20160625_164410 20160625_164346

I settled in my place up front next to Wayne ready to play a Zach Brown song as the crowd parted and Erin walked down to a thunderous WWE applause with Nolin, Grace, Waverly and my dad. Apparently the mic was never on, so I looked more like the weird guy trying to keep Wayne’s attention in hopes that he wouldn’t run.


The wedding was awesome. My mom & dad cried (not sure if it was because they were so happy that Erin had found Wayne, or if they were glad that now she was officially someone else’s problem). Erin & Wayne laughed and just enjoyed themselves.

An outdoor summertime wedding can always be tricky, but they lucked out with temperatures in the low 80’s which kept most people out and about around the food trucks and beer trucks. This also meant that my kids basically owned the dance floor and the giant Jenga blocks which put me on pickup duty.

We stayed until about 9:30 before packing the kids up and heading home. Our kids could have stayed all night, but I think Jenn & I were exhausted. Erin & I have always been very close and I was so happy that it was the day she wanted and we got an excellent addition to our family!

13735619_10154016446367758_7330604864834592007_o 13734939_10154016446612758_8709195605443796695_o

20160624_101912 20160624_103633 20160625_164452


13512141_10153970179667758_5804106749056247687_n 13533205_10153970179297758_853238325691892505_n

13700962_10154016783667758_5496729745693396376_o 20160625_161932 13717486_10154016789612758_4171859093070951588_o

13737665_10154016789862758_2751571792933775660_o 13730918_10154016447282758_4572217493781421587_o

13653157_10154016482627758_6665203125246017759_o 20160625_183628 Untitled

Untitled Untitled Untitled 20160625_175747


One thought

  1. It was a beautiful, amazing day and such a great venue!!! You all are a most AMAZING family!!! I’m honored to know all the O’Brien familyđź’•

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