The Birthday Pirate

DSC_0403It is surely a sign of getting old, when your now three-year old tells you he feels old…how does that even happen?

Today three years of my life have flown by, yet I have trouble remembering a day that Nolin was not part of it. That may actually be a real sign of getting old. I sat at this same desk 1095 days ago as I started this blog to chronicle how our lives would be changing (see how it all started). I never could have imagined how much joy and happiness Nolin would bring with him.

This year has been a whirlwind and as I sat down to put together this year’s birthday video, I thought we hadn’t really done too much over the past twelve months. While admittedly my post updates have become a little less frequent, I was amazed as I went back and relived 365 days of adventures.

And today starts 365 days of brand new adventures. In a tradition I think my parents started…waking you up early on your birthday to sing in celebration, we woke Nolin up at about 7am.

He was particularly excited about being woken up although that will wear off in about 10 years and then 20 years after that he’ll find he is awake way before his parents and once again eagerly awaits the birthday celebration songs.

DSC_0406Thanks to ingenious plan by Jenn, we also may have started a new birthday tradition…The Birthday Pirate. Nolin discovered last night that if he went to be on his own and slept through the night The Birthday Pirate would visit and put a birthday prize in his birthday treasure chest

Yet again, someone else getting credit…but he loved it!

So Nolin, I am excited and honored to be a part of your life and watch you grow into such an amazing person already at 3 years old. But for a little bit of fatherly advice, don’t get too far ahead of yourself because you have many more years to feel old, so for now enjoy being young!

Love you,

Mom, Dad & Grace

DSC_0454DSC_0408DSC_0410DSC_0413DSC_0444Yes, like most people you are probably wondering why the strange picture of plastic cups filled with grapes and blueberries. Well most Three year olds like to bring cookies and/or cupcakes to school for their birthday, but not Nolin he loves blueberries and grapes. Jenn did say that she was going to at least bring some whipped cream…thank god for the little things.

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