Parenting 101: A Few Lessons Learned

So last week I posted my 100th blog entry.  If this were a TV Series, I could be syndicated now.  I unknowingly started this blog a few hours before Nolin was born.  Almost 15 months and 100 blog posts later, life has become more exciting than I ever imagined.

I don’t think as a parent you are ever actually ready…much less when you only have three weeks to prepare.  I had always been nervous about being a father because I just didn’t think I would be good at it. Nolin has made it easy and looking over some of my favorite posts, I realized I have learned a few bits of good parental advice along the way…

  1. Sleep is completely overrated and sometimes difficult to achieve
  2. Nothing sticks with you longer than your first defining moment.
  3. In the beginning there are learning days and growing days and it can really suck when they happen at the same time.
  4. At some point, your family is bound to embarrass you.
  5. For parents there will always be moments when you can’t sleep, but for adoptive parents, the finalization is day you will never forget.
  6. Rice Krispies are in no way a substitute for rice cereal…one of the many differences between mother’s and fathers.
  7. Professionals make millions by making us believe we are not good parents…do your own thing cause you’ll go crazy if you try to read all the books.
  8. Single parents do not get the praise they deserve.
  9. There is a rush to hear that first word (especially if it is Daddy), but you may be surprised when it finally comes.
  10. Being a parent makes you value your family more and may just be the best thing going.

On a side note: Jenn this post is under 300 words…I win!

2 Thoughts

    1. It was pretty fun going back to look at what has happened over the past 15 months…can’t wait for you all to see him in a few weeks…you will be blown away at how much of a little boy he has become!

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