Bye Bye Baby!

I felt a little guilty leaving on this work trip. Not because I was once again off to Sin City where my $20 video poker budget is notorious. No, I felt guilty because I was leaving Jenn on day 3 with no pacifier.

It all started on Monday during Nolin’s first dentist appointment. Although we had been talking about pulling the pacifier for a while, we had not really mustered up the courage to it. Teresa informed us that she was not coming back to babysit a boy with a pacifier, so she laid the ground work during her first three days back with three successful naps sans pacifier.

When Jenn was talking to the dentist about the pacifier, she very nicely said you know it’s for you and not him right?

I would have said, you know you’re not the one that has to sit downstairs listening to him ask for it before he falls asleep are you?

I guess that is why Jenn went instead of me and it seemed she agreed with the dentist. She called me on her way home to inform me that she was getting rid of them that night. I suggested maybe taking them over to Grammy’s house, just in case, but agreed it would be best just to get rid of them all together.

But I never would have imagined what would happen next…nothing.

Nolin fell asleep Monday night with no problems. He didn’t even question where the “P” (a code word we tried at one point, but was quickly deciphered by Nolin) was. He woke up Tuesday morning and was happy. You never would have known he had started his journey to kicking the habit. I thought surely during his nap or at some point during the day he would realize it was gone and start asking for it. Nope.

We put him to bed Tuesday night and I was prepared for a struggle, but it never happened. As I got ready to take off on Wednesday I wished Jenn luck because I knew that Wednesday night would surely be the night that he decided he needed his pacifier back. When I asked Jenn later that night the answer was still the same…nothing.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed. I felt like Nolin took away our opportunity for future reminiscing with friends and other parents about the epic struggle of the pacifier.

Here we are almost a week later and I guess we will never get the chance to tell that epic tale. When I think back on all of the similar milestones in Nolin’s first 27 months (bottle, crib, etc.) they have all pretty much been the same. He just rolled with it.

Let’s hope I can say the same about our next adventure…potty training!

Jenn said she sort of feels like he is all grown up now. While I am sure there will still be plenty of other opportunities to get material for a great parental struggle story, I have to agree.

We also found out from his teacher that when some of his classmates were doing an activity he would cheer them on saying you can do it and congratulating them with a great job when they did. Yep he is growing up fast and with the departure of the plastic flower (what my dad thought Nolin was asking for when looking for his pacifier) I guess it is time to say…Bye Bye Baby.

Now that the Pacifier is gone, we will no longer need to worry about good pictures gone wrong when pacifiers attack. Here are few pictures from our past spoiled encounters with the “P”.

When you are old enough to lounge on the couch, you are old enough to do it without a pacifier.
Ladies love a guy resting his head on their lap, especially with a pacifier
The real terrible thing about this picture, is you can’t see Nolin’s smile
Is Nolin eating a piece of the tree while on Uncle Rich’s shoulders? Nope its just his pacifier
The desert can leave you thirsty if you don’t have a pacifier.
OK everyone look surprised…yep the pacifier is as big as Nolin.

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